In modern society, air conditioning has become an indispensable electrical equipment in daily life. The various hoses in the air conditioning system perform their own duties and work together to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioner. Understanding the materials and functions of these hoses can help us better maintain the air conditioner and extend its service life. So what are the commonly used air conditioning hoses?

Condenser hose

The condenser hose is the component in the air conditioning system that connects the condenser to the outdoor unit. Its main material is rubber, which has good pressure resistance and wear resistance. The condenser hose plays an important role in transporting refrigerant during the operation of the air conditioner. Due to long-term exposure to the outdoors, condenser hoses need to have strong UV resistance and anti-aging properties. In addition, the inner diameter and length of the condenser hose also need to be customized according to actual needs to ensure smooth flow of refrigerant.

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Evaporator hose

The evaporator hose, as an important part of the air conditioning system, connects the evaporator and the indoor unit. Its main material is stainless steel wire or copper wire, and the outside is wrapped with a soft rubber layer. The evaporator hose is responsible for completing the cold and heat exchange between the refrigerant and the indoor air during the operation of the air conditioner. Therefore, the material selection and manufacturing process of the evaporator hose are extremely demanding. It is necessary to ensure the smooth flow of the refrigerant and achieve full contact with the air to improve the cooling effect.

Drain hose

The drain hose is responsible for draining the condensation water generated by the air conditioning system to the outside. Its main material is plastic or rubber, which has the characteristics of pressure resistance, anti-aging, and corrosion resistance. The length and bending degree of the drain hose need to be designed according to the installation location of the air conditioner and the drainage conditions to ensure the smooth discharge of condensed water. In addition, the interface of the drainage hose should have good sealing performance to prevent condensation water from leaking.

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Insulated hose

Thermal insulation hose is an important component responsible for heat preservation in the air conditioning system. Its main material is polyurethane or polyethylene, which has excellent thermal insulation properties. Insulated hoses are wrapped around various parts of the air conditioning system, such as refrigerant pipes, water pipes, etc. It can effectively reduce the heat loss of the air conditioning system and improve the cooling effect. In addition, insulated hoses have good tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Therefore, it can withstand a certain degree of squeezing and pulling.

Isolation hose

Vibration isolation hose is a key component in the air conditioning system used to reduce vibration and noise. Its main material is rubber, which has good flexibility and elasticity. The shock isolation hose connects the compressor, fan and other moving parts inside the air conditioner, which can effectively reduce vibration transmission and reduce noise. In addition, the outer layer of the isolation hose is wrapped with a layer of fiber cloth with high tensile strength to enhance its compression and wear resistance.