Hydraulic hose assembly is one of the most common materials in modern industry. It widely serves in any hydraulic systems and vehicles. However, there are various problems during the use. While these problems cause the hydraulic hose fail. Then next, let’s analyze these problems.

Cracks appear on the hydraulic hose assembly surface

The main reason is that the hose is over bent. Besides, in a cold environment, it will be easy to crack.

Bubbles appear on the outer surface

The reason for such problem is that the production quality is not standard. Most probably, the raw material mixture is uneven.

hydraulic pipe

Hose not breaks but has a lot of oil leakage

The hose leaks a lot of oil but there is no rupture. While the reason is that when the high pressure liquid flow pass through the hose, it erodes the inner rubber. After a long time, the steel wire layer lack out. Then this causes a large amount of oil leakage.

The outer rubber layer is severely deteriorated and micro cracks appear

This is a sign of natural aging of the hose. Due to aging, the outer layer is oxidized. So that the surface is covered with a layer of ozone which thickens over time. Then micro cracks will occur as long as the hose is slightly bent during use. In this case, you should change a new high pressure hose.

wire spiral hose

The inner rubber layer of the hose is hard and has cracks

This is because that the plasticizer makes the hose flexible and plastic. However, if the hose is too hot, the plasticizer will overflow.

The inner rubber layer of the hose deteriorates and obviously swollen

The reason is that the material is incompatible with the hydraulic oil. Then the hydraulic hose deteriorates because of chemical action.

Above are some problems happen on hydraulic hose assembly. If you want a high quality and reliable hydraulic pipe, just contact Hiteck. We are a powerful supplier which can offer you cost-effective solution.