PVC pressure washer hose comes in various sizes and lengths to fit various needs. Then let me show you some common sizes and lengths of such hose.



This is a common size for light in weight and portable pressure washers. It’s also flexible and ideal for many apps.


A slightly larger diameter hose that offers improved water flow and pressure. Thus it is ideal for the apps that requires good pressure resistance.


This is a larger diameter hose suitable for heavy-duty pressure washers or when max water flow and pressure are required.


25 feet

A shorter hose length is suitable for smaller pressure washing jobs. This type of hose is also easy to recycle and restore.

50 feet

A mid-length hose that provides increased reach for a wider range of apps.

75 feet or 100 feet

Longer hoses that offer extended reach and are ideal for larger areas. When you need to move around the washer, it will be the ideal choice.

Hiteck is a hose supplier and we offer you custom service. That means you can ask for any sizes and lengths. Besides, we can print your logo on the hose. While if you want to learn more, please just contact us for more details.