In the last piece, I introduced you 3 kinds of hydraulic oil hose fittings. While in this piece, let me show you other 4 types of hydraulic hose coupling.

Elbow hose

Elbow is a hose joint which is ideal for complex pipeline. In some cases, the hose need to turn direction. While the straight coupling will not able to work. Thus you need an elbow hose. There are various elbow hoses like 45°, 90°, etc. As for the material, it can be steel, copper, aluminium, etc. While each has its own advantage. So you should choose the proper one based on your specific work.

hydraulic hose connector

Pipe end fitting

The pipe end joint is a part that connects the oil pipe to the hydraulic component. It usually consists of the pipe end joint body and the gasket. There are many types and sizes of pipe end joints. While each one is for special use. The material is also various as the elbow.

hydraulic hose fitting

Quick Connector

This is a connector that quickly connects and disconnects pipelines. It is usually used in which that require frequent disassembly. There are many types of quick joint such as plug type, rotary type, etc. Quick fitting usually consist of a connector body, a sealing gasket and a locking device. When in use, you only need to insert and lock the two connector bodies.

Above are the 4 types of hydraulic hose coupling. If you need them, feel free to contact Hiteck.