In the food hygiene industry, various hoses are widely used. These hoses play an important role in food deliver, mixing, storage and other aspects. However, different food hoses will vary. The correct selection of suitable food grade hose is crucial to ensuring food safety and hygiene. The following is an in-depth show of the EPDM hose, NBR rubber hose. Besides, I will show their use in the food hygiene industry.

food grade hose pipe

EPDM hose has good heat, ozone and chemical corrosion resistance. Besides, it has a wide temp range from -40℃ to 150℃. EPDM hoses are often used in the food industry to deliver foods with high temp and high pH. While the foods are lemon juice, grape juice, etc. At the same time, EPDM hose is very flexible. Thus it can effectively reduce the wear and tear of food and ensure the quality of food.

food grade tubing

NBR rubber pipe (nitrile rubber pipe) has excellent oil , wear and aging resistance. As for the temp, it can work at -20℃ – 100℃. NBR food grade hose often deliver edible oils. Due to its oil resistance, NBR pipes are widely used in the food industry. However, you should not that such rubber pipe is not suitable for the food with high temp.