Composite hose is the basic unit to convey fluid in the petrol and chemical field. However, most of the fields are toxic and explosive. Based on statistic, 50% of the world’s main pipeline network has been in work for more than 30 years.

However, there are still some problems. Even if the pipeline reaches the design quality standard during the laying process. Due to the erosion of the medium in the pipeline, temp and pressure, there will be leakage. Besides, vibration, season, geological changes and human factors also cause leaks. Then it cause the loss of energy and pollution. Worse more, it will cause fire, explosion and human damage.

Which part is easy to leak?

Pipeline leakage mainly occurs in flange, thread, welding joint, fluid elbow, fluid tee. Besides, valve pack and hole are also easy to leak. In general, pipe leakage includes joints. In the work, the fluid flows again and again. Thus the fluid will corrode and flush the inner tube. Elbow, tee, weld and girth welds are the main parts of leakage.

Based on the medium, such hose can be chemical hose, gas hose and water delivery hose.

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