Compressed air hose widely serves in electronic equipment production. It can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure product quality and production safety. Below I will introduce the application of compressed air hose, as well as its advantages and precautions.

rubber air hose

Application of compressed air hose in electronic

Compressed air hose is a flexible and pressure resistant hose. It can transmit compressed air and other gases. In the production of electronic equipment, compressed air is widely used in automated production lines, pneumatic tools, spray painting, cleaning and drying. Among them, automated production lines are one of the most widely used fields for compressed air hoses.

In automated production lines, compressed air pipe can drive various pneumatic components. Such as cylinders, solenoid valves, vacuum pumps, etc. These parts play an important role in the production line. Such as handling, assembly, testing, packaging, etc. The air hose can greatly improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Compressor air hose is also ideal for pneumatic tools such as wrench, drill bit, spray gun, etc. These tools also find widespread use in electronic equipment production.

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However, there are some issues that need to be paid attention to when using compressed air hoses.

1. Select the proper hose according to factors such as working pressure, flow rate and medium.

2. Install the hose correctly. Besides, avoid excessive stretching or bending because they can affect the service life.

3. Inspect and replace the flexible air hose regularly to keep safe and reliable.