Dairy hose for milk delivery is to connect milk delivery equipment. And it is specially for handling milk. These hoses need to be durable, corrosion proof and resistant to high and low temp. Only this can ensure the milk remains clean and safe.

Dairy hose can be various materials

Based on different milk delivery equipment and working condition, milk delivery hose can be various materials. While the common ones are food grade PVC, silicone, EPDM rubber, etc. Because they can resist corrosion, high temp and low temp. Besides, the inner diameter and length of the hose also need to consider. Because the equipment has various types. Then you should choose a proper hose to ensure the food hose can connect correctly.

food grade hose

Precautions for milk deliver hose

When choosing a special hose for milk, you also need to focus on the hygiene. While this is to ensure that the milk can be free from impurity during the process. In addition, it is important to clean and replace the milk hose regularly. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the storage and maintenance of the hose. Protect your hose well to avoid adverse factors such as moisture and direct sunlight.

Hiteck food grade milk hose is a kind of composite hose. It has a steel wire reinforce and lined with high strength polyester fiber mesh. While it is very soft, light in weight and easy to care for. The inner wall is smooth. Then it is not easy to accumulate materials and form biofilm. In addition, it resists aging, ozone and UV rays. Because of the special polymer, it is safe to use and ensures hygiene to the greatest extent. What’s more, it complies with the EU and the US food contact standards.

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