PVC fiber reinforced hoses are mainly used in industry, agriculture, food and health industries. Its inner layer is transparent, non-toxic soft PVC. The middle reinforcement layer is reinforced with high-strength synthetic fiber winding. The outer layer is also clear, non-toxic soft PVC. This kind of pipe is soft, transparent, pressure-resistant, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life. The temperature range is -5℃~+65℃.

pvc fibre reinforced hose

Main applications of PVC fiber hose

Industrial field

In the industrial field, PVC fiber pipes are widely used to transport air, water, oil, fuel, low-concentration chemicals and other gases and liquids.

Agricultural irrigation

Reticulated reinforced pipes can be used for liquid transportation in agricultural irrigation systems, such as sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, etc. Such PVC reinforced pipe is flexible and resistant to pressure and corrosion. Thus it can adapt to various complex environments and terrains.

Food and hygiene industry

In such field, this type of reinforced hose can transport high-clean fluids such as API, food and cosmetics.

pvc steel wire hose

PVC steel wire reinforced pipe

Steel wire reinforced pipes add steel wire mesh to the surface of ordinary pipes to improve the pressure-bearing capacity and wear resistance of the pipes. This kind of pipe has a light structure, solid texture and strong pressure resistance. Widely used in construction, petrochemical, metallurgy, municipal administration, water conservancy and other fields.

Main applications of PVC steel wire pipe

Industrial production

In the chemical industry, petroleum and other fields, the transported liquid may contain corrosive substances. Therefore, it is necessary to use hoses with good corrosion resistance. Steel wire spiral reinforced hose is made of corrosion-resistant materials. Therefore, it can effectively resist the erosion of corrosive substances and extend the service life of the hose.

PVC steel wire fibre hose

Urban Construction

The application of steel wire reinforced pipes is particularly prominent in the fields of drainage and sewage discharge. Traditional cement pipes and cast iron pipes have many problems in drainage and sewage discharge. Such as high costs, poor pressure resistance, short service life, etc.

The steel wire reinforced pipe has excellent pressure resistance and long service life. While this greatly reduces the cost of drainage and sewage projects. In addition, the inner wall of the steel wire reinforced pipe is smooth, which reduces the adhesion of dirt. Therefore, it effectively prevents pipe blockage and improves drainage and sewage efficiency.