In life, we may encounter nitrile oil hose. But do you know anything about this rubber hose? If you want to know more, let me introduce to you nitrile rubber oil pipe next.

First, let me introduce the composition of nitrile rubber. Nitrile rubber is a mixture of acrylonitrile and butadiene. It has excellent resistance to petroleum and non-polar solvents. It also has good mechanical properties. These properties mainly depend on the content of the acrylonitrile component in the modified rubber. When the acrylonitrile content is higher than 50%, it has strong resistance to mineral oil and fuel. However, its elasticity and permanent compression deformation at low temp will reduce. Low-component acrylonitrile-nitrile rubber has better low-temp resistance. But reduces oil resistance at high temp.

oil resistant hose

Advantages of nitrile rubber oil hose

Good oil, water, aging, wear and high pressure resistance

Good compression and tensile property

Rubber parts used to make fuel tanks and lubricant tanks

For rubber parts used in fluid media such as hydraulic oil, gasoline, water, silicone oil and lubricant.


Not suitable for use in polar solvents, such as ketones and ozone

Not resistant to ozone and hot air aging

black oil hose

In most cases, the oil hose will adopt nitrile rubber as the raw material. While these hoses include oil tank hose, oil suction hose, etc. In addition to the material, you should also focus on the oil hose supplier. That’s to say, you should choose a reliable supplier. Here I recommend you Orientflex. It is a hose manufacturer with over 14 year’s experience and it is famous of cost-effective products. If you need rubber hose, PVC hose or other hoses, you can get the best solution there.