Food grade hose is necessary for food process. Because it is nontoxic and odorless. While other hoses content harmful things. For example, PVC hose will be toxic at high temp. While most of the rubber hose has additives. Thus you have to use food grade hose for food transfer.

Types of food grade hose

Here are several types of food grade hose on the market. But this time let me introduce you EPDM hose and PTFE hose. PTFE hose is extremely durable and can bear a wide temp range from -70℃ to +260℃. The PTFE hose is also easy to clean.

EPDM hose is a good example of a food grade hose. It is FDA and USDA compliant and flexible. And, because of its excellent light fastness, it is ideal for the brewing and dairy industries. Another type of food-grade hose is PU food hose, which is ideal for fatty foods. It also has excellent impact and abrasion resistance.

Food grade hose must meet specific standards to protect food in transit. They must be safe to eat and of the right quality to bear high pressure and extreme temp. These hoses have standards such as FDA, USDA and 3A to meet specific food safety demand.

The FDA has strict requires food-grade hoses. While the law states that they must meet sanitary standards. Thus they are also known as sanitary hoses. Although they may vary in size and pressure rating, all food grade hoses have one feature in common. They are corrosion proof.

Food grade hose is a good choice for the food process industry. Because food hose resists high temp and rough handle. Because the special material, it doesn’t impart any taste or odor. Besides, it meets FDA for a variety of use. It’s a ideal choice to convey process fluids and bulk food.