Grain suction hose is a flexible pipe to connect grain suction equipment with the conveying pipeline. And it is mainly to suck the grains to another place. For such purpose, the hose should be with great properties. Here are the features of grain suction hose:   

Light in weight

Grain suction hose is generally made of lightweight materials. Such as plastic, rubber, etc. Therefore, it is easy to install and move.

grain suction hose


It has good flexibility and can be bent in different working environments and angles. Therefore, it adapts to various complex pipeline arrangements during grain transportation and lifting.

Corrosion resistant

Grain suction pipe needs to be in contact with grain, water and fertilizer for a long time. Therefore, it needs to have a certain corrosion resistance to ensure service life.

Good ventilation

In order to meet the needs of ventilation, the hose needs to ensure smooth inner and outer surfaces. This can reduce resistance and improve ventilation efficiency.

PU material handling hose

Easy to connect

Grain suction hose should adopt a fast and reliable connection method. Because only this can make it easy to install and maintain. 

Food grade

Because the medium is grain, the hose must be food grade. Only a food grade suction hose can ensure the safety. On the contrary, if the suction hose is not food grade, it may contaminate the grain. Then people may get ill after eating the food made from such grain. Thus food grade is the most important factor for the grain suction hose.