In the last piece, I showed you 2 main anti aging agents. While they are agent A and agent B. But in fact, the wax is also a good choice for such purpose. Then next, let me show you the protective wax in flexible rubber hose pipe.

industrial rubber hose

What is a flexible rubber hose pipe protective wax

Protective wax is a mixture. It consists of straight chain refined wax and saturated isomeric wax. It is a physical anti aging agent. The amount in the rubber tube pipe exceeds its solubility in rubber. Then it migrates to the surface of the rubber. Then it forms a physical layer of protective film. While it can prevent ozone and crack.

There are many anti aging agents for acid resistant hose and industrial hose pipe. Among them, the solubility of anti ozone agent in wax is higher than that in rubber hoses. While the migration speed of wax in rubber tube pipe is faster than that of anti ozone agent. Besides, it can promote the diffusion of anti aging agent. At the same time, it can improve the ozone crack ability of rubber industrial hoses.

Anti aging agent A or D are usually used in the chemical hose to transport dilute acid and alkali solutions. While the above three anti aging agent are ideal for the flexible rubber pipe to transfer acid and alkali. Then it can also prolong the service life of flexible chemical hose and industrial hose further.

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