In the last piece, we learned some tips to use the PVC pressure washer hose safely. While this time, let me show you some other methods.

High Pressure Spray

Never aim the pressure washer spray at yourself, animal or fragile object. Because it will cause serious injury to body and eyes.

Safe use

Do not leave the pressure washer along while it is running. That means there should always be person around it. Always shut off the pressure washer and relieve pressure from the hose.

Chemical and Detergent

Follow the advice from the supplier when using chemical with your washer. Avoid using them that are not ideal for use with PVC hose. Because it may degrade PVC hose and cause it break.

Electrical Safety

Some people may use electric pressure washer. Then ensure that ground all electrical connect and cords. Once there was electric leak, it will hurt people.

Read the Manual

Always follow the safe use steps and warning from the supplier. Then follow all safety practice.

With these tips, you can use the PVC pressure washer hose safely. But if you still have some to ask, just contact Orient. We are a reliable supplier for all kinds of hoses. Since set up, we always aims at offering you the cost-effective hoses. After 17 years, we are one of the top suppliers in the world. While we have exported our hoses to over 130 countries. So if you need hose or want to know about hose, contact us now.