Metal hose is a connecting piece widely used in various industries. There are many types, covering all walks of life. Metal hoses not only have excellent tensile strength, compressive strength and corrosion resistance, but also have good softness and wear resistance. Therefore it plays an important role in industrial production.

Metal hoses are used as wire and cable protection tubes for wires, cables, automated instrument signals and civil shower hoses. Small-diameter metal hoses are mainly used for sensing circuit protection of precision optical rulers and industrial sensor circuit protection.

metal hose

Threading metal hose

Threading metal hose is a metal hose used for threading and traction. It is mainly used for cable traction and protection in electric power, telecommunications, railway and other industries. Threading metal hose has excellent tensile strength and bending resistance, which can effectively protect cables from external damage.

The characteristics of threaded metal hose are as follows:

High strength

The metal conduit is made of high-quality metal materials, has high tensile strength and bending resistance, and can withstand large traction forces.

Good flexibility

Metal hoses have good flexibility and can maintain good performance under bending, folding, etc. conditions.

metal braided hose

Corrosion resistance

The surface of the threaded metal hose is specially treated. Therefore, it has good corrosion resistance and is suitable for various harsh environments.

Easy to install

Threaded metal hose has a standardized design at both ends. Therefore, it is convenient to connect with various devices and easy to install.