High temperature duct hose is a kind of air vent hose. It widely serves in industry. But we seldom see it in our daily life. Thus you may don’t know much about it. In fact, high temp duct hose is a necessary part in high temp industries. For example, the power station. Then next, let me show you what is a high temp flex duct.

How about high temp resistant duct hose

High temperature resistant hose is also called high temp silicone duct. It is mainly to provide insulation for wires, cables and wire terminals. Such silicone duct is highly flexible and flame retardant. Besides, it is insulate and corrosion resistant. Thus it widely acts as insulation for various wires. Silicone duct hose also protect the metal hose from rust and corrosion.

high temperature duct hose

The high temp duct hose is highly flexible. Thus the bending radius is smaller than that of ordinary rubber hoses. It is mainly to exhaust chemical gases, hot gases and dust. The high temp exhaust hose is also ideal for the particle mediums. When not in use, you can compress the hose with a factor of 10:1. Thus you just need a small space to store it.

Such flame retardant hose is safer and more reliable to transfer high temp media. The high temperature silicone air duct hose is an ideal choice for modern industry. Because it can effectively and safely exhaust the chemical gases, heat and dust. Because it can bear high temp up to 260℃. Then it is ideal of various apps.

high temp duct hose

Features of nylon duct hose

Flexible, light in weight and easy to bend

High temp, pressure and corrosion resistant

Eco-friendly and flame retardant

High temp exhaust duct application

It widely serves in tempering furnaces in glass factory, coal mine, tunnel and subway project. It’s also ideal for underground use for suction of dust, exhaust gas, dust, etc.