Product in line with the world 

Since the reform and opening up, the rubber hose and belt industry has adjusted the product structure. And it obtains great results. The fiber belt, steel wire belt, PVC belts and PVG belt in the conveyor belt exceeds 90%. While the cotton canvas belt is less than 10%. And it is the same with developed areas. V-belt with cord in V-belt exceeds 50%. It is close to the world level. the fiber hose, braided hose, knitted hose, steel wire hose exceeds 60%. It is also close to the world level. Because it fits the world level, it is good to the export.

The level of tech is close to the world level

The product and tech level of major company reach the world level. And the level of automatic control is high.

Compared with the tire industry, the rubber hose and belt industry in the world lags behind. While the market strength is not that huge. Thus it is good for our hose to goes into the world.