Steel hose pipe is a kind of pipe with a regular wavy. Commonly used metal bellows include carbon steel and stainless steel. But there are some others like steel-lined plastic. Flexible metal hose is mainly for water and oil transfer with small bending radius. Besides, stainless steel pipe can absorb thermal deformation of pipelines. At the same time, metal hose pipe acts as the connection between pipes.

The service life of metal bellow is very long. While it can be about 5-7 years. But many people will ask, is there any way to prolong the service life of metal bellows? Of course there is. As long as you use and maintain it carefully, you can prolong its life by at least two years.

steel hose pipe

Hiteck offers you some tips to care your flex steel hose pipe

1. Select a high quality flexible metal tubing and install it correctly. Proper installation is directly related to the service life of the steel hose. But there are many products on the market. Thus you should choose a reliable SS flexible pipe first.

2. Try to avoid long-term exposure to the sun. Because long-term direct sunlight may cause the hose distort. Then that will have a bad effect on the service life.

3. Do not overload the use. Because the greater the load, the reduced service life of the stainless steel flex hose. Thus you should use the hose within the pressure and load limit. Otherwise there will be problem during use.

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4. You should select a high quality flexible metal hose pipe. While you can check is there was any damage here on the hose.

In a word, a reliable hose and proper use can make the stainless steel hose pipe last long. If you want to learn more details about hoses, feel free to contact Hiteck.