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Hydraulic Oil Hose

Hydraulic Oil Hose is made from oil resistant nitrile rubber. Thus it can work with hydraulic fluids very well without any problem. It has a reinforce which is 1 or 2 layers of steel wire braid. Thus it can bear higher working pressure.

Hydraulic Oil Hose Details

Tube: oil resistant nitrile rubber

Reinforcement: 1 or 2 layers of steel wire braid

Working Temperature: -40°C to +150°C (-40°F to +302°F)

Size: 1/4″ to 2″

Hydraulic Oil Hose

Tube: oil resistant nitrile rubber

Reinforce: 1 or 2 layers of steel wire braid

Cover: oil resistant nitrile rubber

Working Temperature: -40°C to +150°C (-40°F to +302°F)

Hydraulic Oil Hose Application:

The high temperature resistant high pressure hose is designed for petroleum, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, fuel, lubricating oils, gasoline, water and other industrial fluids

Hydraulic Oil Hose Features:

1.High temperature resistant range up to +150°C
2.Excellent aging and abrasion resistance.
3.UV and ozone resistant

Hydraulic Oil Hose Single Wire Specification

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Hydraulic Oil Hose Double Wire Specification

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What is a 150℃ hydraulic hose?

A 150℃ hydraulic hose is a type of hose designed specifically for high-temperature hydraulic applications. It is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150℃ without compromising its structural integrity or performance.

What are the applications of a 150℃ hydraulic hose?

High-Temperature Hydraulic Systems: It is used in hydraulic systems where the operating temperature exceeds the limits of standard hoses, such as in industrial machinery, construction equipment, and heavy-duty vehicles.

Hot Oil Lines: It can be used for transferring hot oil or other high-temperature fluids in applications such as oil refineries, chemical plants, and power generation facilities.

Engine Cooling Systems: It is suitable for engine cooling systems that generate high temperatures, including those found in automotive, marine, and aerospace applications.

High-Temperature Fluid Transfer: It can be used for conveying high-temperature fluids, such as hot water, steam, or compressed air, in industrial processes or specialized equipment.

What considerations should be kept in mind when using a 150℃ hydraulic hose?

Temperature Range: Ensure that the operating temperature remains within the specified range of the hose to prevent damage or failure.

Pressure Rating: Make sure the hose’s pressure rating matches or exceeds the maximum working pressure of the hydraulic system.

Compatibility: Verify that the hydraulic fluid used is compatible with the hose materials to avoid chemical degradation or other adverse effects.

Installation and Maintenance: Follow proper installation practices and perform regular maintenance to ensure the hose remains in optimal condition and prevent leaks or failures.

Safety Precautions: Take appropriate safety measures when working with high-temperature hydraulic systems, including wearing protective gear and following industry guidelines and regulations.

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