PTFE is the “king of plastic”. While conductive is much more better. Because of the great properties, such hose is popular in a wide range of industries. Then next, let me show you some applications of PTFE hose.

Chemical Industry

Conductive Teflon tubes can safely and stably transmit corrosive media at high temp and high pressure. At the same time, its anti-stick property makes it easy to clean up the solid waste generated during the production. Then reduce the risk of pollution.

PTFE teflon hose

Electronic Industry

In the production of electronic products, the excellent thermal conductivity of Teflon tubes ensures that electronic components work normally and stably and reliably in high temperatures. In addition, Teflon tubes are resistant to electromagnetic interference. Therefore, it can reduce the interference problem of electronic equipment.

Paint Production

Teflon tubes are also used in paint production. In the process of conveying high-temperature and high-viscosity paints, its anti-stickiness ensures the uniformity of the paint and avoids clogging. PTFE hose also has great wear and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can prolong the service life of the equipment.

PTFE hose

Food Process

In food process, the smooth inner surface of Teflon tube makes it difficult for food materials to adhere. While this reduces the risk of contamination. At the same time, conductive Teflon pipe has good corrosion resistance. This ensures the hygiene and safety of food. In high temp and high pressure conditions, such hose can still maintain stable performance.

Pharmaceutical Manufacture

Pharmaceutical products have extremely high requirements for the cleanliness. Then Teflon hose becomes the first choice. Because it is nontoxic, odorless and non of pollution. In the process, it serves as a delivery pipe for drug mixing tank. Because it can withstand the erosion of solvents and ingredients in drugs.