Sweeping trucks are special vehicles used for urban arrangement and cleaning. The sweeper hose is an indispensable component of equipment that uses mechanical kinetic energy to automatically complete cleaning work. Therefore, sweepers equipped with sweeper hoses are used in streets in big cities or other places that need to be cleaned. It is a major advancement in the sweeping field of the cleaning industry.

PU duct

At present, most of the hoses used in sweepers on the market are ordinary PU wear-resistant steel wire pipes. When this type of hose shrinks during operation, the PU skin of the pipe wall is indented.

The PU wear resistant steel wire pipe has many advantages in the industrial field. It is, eco-friendly, wear and temp resistant. However, in long-term use, we found that this kind of hose is not that good when used on sweepers. Such as the presence of dirt on the ground. There are many branches or bamboo sticks. When the branches or bamboo sticks pass through the pipe during cleaning and suction, it is easy to rub the pipe or even puncture the pipe wall. At the same time, it also increases the resistance of the pipe and greatly reduces the service life of the pipe.

PU duct

Therefore, Hiteck developed a hose with a convex wall of PU, which is mainly used in the sweeper industry.

This type of pipe has a convex wall. During work, the friction between branches or bamboo sticks and the pipe wall is avoided, and it will not be easily punctured. Moreover, the resistance is reduced, making it cleaner during cleaning and easier to shrink. The service life is greatly improved.

Since the sweeper hose appears on the market, it becomes more and more popular. If you want to know more about this hose, please feel free to contact us.