The oil resistant rubber hose referred to in the society now can actually be oil hose. While some people call it rubber fuel hose, oil deliver hose, oil rubber hose, etc. Fuel oil hose usually adopts synthetic rubber and it is black in color. 

Structure of oil resistant rubber hose

In general, the hose has 3 layers, a tube, a reinforce and a cover. Most of the tube is nitrile rubber tube. Because it has the best oil resistance. Then the reinforce can be 2 kinds, steel wire or fabric fibre. While the type can be braid or spiral. The whole outer rubber layer is also made of synthetic rubber. It is normal black rubber piping. But the rubber fuel pipe can be yellow, green and so on on your demand. Fuel oil hose can resist oil, wear, aging, ozone. Besides, rubebr fuel line is flexible with small bend radius.

oil transfer hose

How to use oil hose correctly

Use within the range of -20°C~80°C. Rubber fuel hose is mainly to transfer gasoline, diesel, engine oil and other oils. While the fuel oil hose mostly serves in engine and oil tank in vehicles and project.

In daily use, you should protect the oil hose to prevent squeeze. Turn on or turn off the valve slowly. Because the sudden pressure will impact the flexible oil hose. Then it may cause such oil rubber hose crack. In addition, choose suitable joints like three-way and camlock. While if you don’t know which is to choose, consult the fuel hose suppliers. For example, Orientflex. In the same time, never use the bad quality rubber hose fittings.

Inspect your oil hose regularly. If there was any crack, leakage, bubble, aging and other problems, change a new hose at once. Because that will cause serious problem.

rubber oil hose

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