In the last piece, we learned how to operate a chemical hose. We saw that there are many factors to focus on. Then next, let me show you some others.


It is always necessary to maintain the chemical resistant hose based on the standard. While this can ensure that  the acid resistant hose perform well. Besides, pay attention to some specific status of metal joint and reaction hose. While that includes normal aging, corrosion caused by improper use, accidents during work

Pay special attention to the occurrence of the following:

Crack, scratch, break, etc. in the protective layer will lead to the exposure of the internal structure


If the above situation occurs, you have to replace the rubber hose. In some specific use, an expiration date should indicate to ensure safe use. While the date stamps on the hose. Even if the hose is not exhausted, stop using it at once.

chemical hose


Usually it is not good to repair the hose. But if you can repair it, it is better for you to strictly follow the repair advice. Then test the pressure after repairs are complete. If one end of the hose is polluted by a cut, but the rest of the hose still meets the standard. Then you can cut the polluted part and complete the repair.

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