Oxygen and acetylene hose are the necessary welding hoses for welding work. The oxygen hose, as the name shows, is to deliver oxygen to assist the fire. While the acetylene hose is to deliver flammable gases like propane and acetylene. The oxy acetylene hose is one of the most important part of the whole welding system. Thus it should be good in quality. In another hand, welding work is dangerous. Once the gas leaks, it will pollute the air heavily. While if there was any open fire, it may ignite the gas tank and cause serious fire. Then it may cause huge damage to the operator. Thus you should focus on these factors as follow.

First, maintain the welding hose regularly

That means you should keep the hose clean and free of damage. Besides, prevent the twin hose oxygen and acetylene from rain, snow and UV. Because those will cause the cutting torch hose aging. Then it will reduce the service life. In addition, prevent contact with acid, alkali, oil, etc.  Because those will damage the acetylene torch hoses. The storage temp should be -15℃~40℃. While the distance should not be less than 1 meter.

oxygen and acetylene hose

Clean the oxy and acetylene hose before use

For a new hose, you must blow out the talcum powder on the inner wall. Because that will block the passage of the welding torch. During use, avoid external pressure and mechanical damage. Besides, use the right oxygen acetylene hose fittings.

Never mix the oxygen and acetylene

Do not use the oxygen hose to blow out blockages in the acetylene hose. At the same time, check and eliminate defects such as air leakage and blockage. Because this can prevent the formation of a mixture of oxygen and acetylene in the torch hose. If a flashback occurs and fuel enters the oxygen hose, the hose is no longer usable. Then you must replace it with a new tube. Because tempering often burns out the inner tube. If you continue to use it, you will lose the normal security.

Welding work is really dangerous. Thus you mush follow the above methods when use oxygen and acetylene hoses. If you have any questions, please just contact Hiteck. We are an expert in hoses and will offer you the best solution.