All flexible hoses and fittings must not be close to or come into contact with solvent, fuel, oil, grease, etc. In addition, metal materials such as copper, iron and manganese can also cause damage to rubber.

Heat source

The storage location should be far away from heat sources to meet the temp specs above. If you can not keep it away, you can install heat shields.

Electric and magnetic fields

There should be no changes in the electromagnetic field in the storage place. Because the changes will cause the metal coil of the hose to generate current. Then it cause the rubber hose to heat up.

flexible hose pipe

Storage conditions  

There should not be compress and stretch from human during storage. Besides, do not come into contact with any sharp metal. Store the plastic hoses or rubber hoses in dry places. And if it permits, store in separate areas. Store the coiled hose flat and should not make them stack on top of each other. If you can not avoid the stack, the height can not exceed the limit. Because the lower hose will deform by the pressure. Heavier hoses should be placed at the bottom, while lighter flexible hoses can be at the top. The bending radius of the coil can not exceed the min bending radius of the hose standard. Besides, do not hang coiled hose from the hook. While you should lay the straight hoses but fold them.

Rat pest

There will be rats in the warehouse. Thus you should take some measures to avoid this. Storage areas should be protected from rodents chewing hoses.