Due to the natural features of high pressure rubber hose. the properties of it are subject to change. While these changes generally occur on various over time. And some factors can speed up these changes. Especially in the storage of the rubber pipes. Thus if not in use, you should pay more attention to the storage of your hose. No matter it is high pressure hose or common grade hose.

high pressure rubber hose

Protect your high pressure rubber hose well in the storage

First, complete the management system to minimize the storage time. That’s to say, if you need to use the hose, use the ones that enter the storage room the most early. But in some cases you can not avoid storing them for long term. Then you need to check the rubber tubes every three months.

Besides, when you store high pressure hose, you must avoid mechanical damage. While that includes stretching, clamping or deformation. In addition, avoid contact with sharp objects. In stead, you should store the rubber hose on shelves. What’s more, you can not fold the high pressure hose. Because that will cause the deformation. Besides, it will cause the industrial hose loss elasticity.

high pressure hose

In addition, never twist your rubber hose pipe. Because that will damage the inner and out rubber layer after a long time. Then there will be leakage problem.