In the last piece, we learned why we need to maintain the vacuum cleaner hose. That is because that will help prolong the service life. While this time let’s talk about the details to maintain your hose.

Pay attention to the static problem in winter

The weather is dry in winter. Then there will be static in the air. Thus be sure to remove static when you use a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise you may be touched by static. Although static itself is not very dangerous to the human body, the feeling is still harmful. In addition to dry weather, the cause of static electricity is also closely related to the vacuum cleaner hose. The dust sucked in by the vacuum cleaner rubs against the hose. Then it creates more static electricity. To remove the static caused by the cleaner hose, you only need to add a wire to the metal part of the machine. Then ground the wire and the static can be gone.

vacuum cleaner hose

Focus on the storage of cleaner and keep the vacuum hose dry

When there is rainy and humid weather, store the vacuum cleaner in a dry place. At this time, you should also keep the vacuum hose clean. After cleaning, wipe the water marks on the hose to avoid the formation of mold. Because that will affect the function of the entire vacuum cleaner.

From above you may have a general knowledge that how to maintain your hose. While if you want to learn more about the vacuum cleaner hose, just contact Hiteck. We are a experienced and reliable hose manufacturer. Since setting up, we aim at offering you the cost-effective hose with unique service. And that is what we always insist in the past 14 years. If you need any kinds of hose, we will be your the best choice.