PCB drilling is a key process in the entire printed circuit board production process. Our country began to develop and produce PCB drilling machines in the 1990s. With the rapid development of my country’s PCB manufacturing industry, many domestic companies have developed and produced a batch of drilling machines with better performance and higher precision. At the same time, PCB high-speed drilling machines are booming in Taiwan, China. Orientflex hose is used as a suction hose on drilling machines. It is a transparent PU hose embedded with copper-plated steel wire. Such hsoe is light and soft, easy to care for, easy to transport and saves storage space. It is resistant to wear and mineral oil, ozone and aging. Thermal classification applies to the dynamic position of mechanical equipment. Environmentally friendly and contains no plasticizers. Spiral steel wire grounding dissipates static electricity and is resistant to mold.

PU helix duct hose

PCB drilling machine vacuum tube

Scope of application of drilling machine vacuum pipe: suitable for agriculture and water conservancy, civil engineering, food. Vacuum suction of powder, granule; transport of water, oil, chemical materials, food, etc. Besides, it widely serves in petroleum, chemical, health and other industries. In addition, it is ideal for abrasive solids such as dust, powder, fiber, chips, particle. PU duct hose is the best choice for dust removal and suction-type factory, industrial vacuum cleaner, etc. This product is the best alternative to PVC, rubber, and metal pipes. It is especially suitable for vacuum tubes of drilling machines in circuit board factories, powder transportation and dust suction and exhaust in the wood working and ceramic industry.