In our daily life, we may see various hoses with skeleton out side. That is a plastic corrugated hose. While it has

How to classify bellows

Based on structure, it can be single wall hose and double wall hose. Single wall pipe refers to a plastic pipe with corrugated inner and outer walls. It has high rigidity and you can bend it at will. Besides, you can roll up it with any length.

Double wall pipe refers to a plastic pipe with a smooth inner wall and a corrugated outer wall. The corrugated shape can be right angle, trapezoid, sine, etc. It is formed by extruding a outer wall and a smooth inner wall at one time. It has good corrosion resistance, high insulation and smooth inner wall as plastic hose. Besides, it adopts special hollow ring stiffness and good strength. With the same strength and stiffness, the hose can save 30%-50% of materials. In addition, it has better technical and economic efficiency. And it is easy to transport and install. Then it can reduce the labor intensity of construction. In another hand, it also reduces the cost.

corrugated suction hose

Plastic corrugated hose usages

Single wall hose widely serves for drainage such as golf courses and sports fields. Besides, it is ideal for indoor decoration and automobile wire casing, etc.

Double wall hose can be widely used in drainage under heavy load conditions. Such as highway, slope, golf course, etc. Besides, it is also ideal for municipal pollution discharge.

Structure: Both the interior and exterior are wavy

Color: black, orange, etc. You can ask for customized color.

Plastic corrugated pipe features

Such hose is anti-twist with small bend radius. Besides, it can bear heavier loads. In addition, it is resistant to acid, lubricant, coolant, etc. What’s more, it has great wear resistance.