Operating specifications

The operator should be familiar with the use and safety precautions of the conveying hose. When using it, follow the relevant operating procedures to avoid accidents.

Avoid bending and twisting

During the conveying process, avoid bending or twisting the conveying hose. Because this will affect the conveying efficiency and damage the hose.

Pay attention to observation

During use, pay close attention to the condition of the conveying hose. If leakage, damage, etc. are found, it should be immediately stopped and repaired or replaced.


For some special chemicals, traceability management may be required. Therefore, when using chemical conveying hoses, you should pay attention to recording relevant information. Including the name of the substance, quantity, flow direction, etc., for easy management and tracking.

Static electricity extraction

When using chemical hoses, if the conveyed medium is a flammable and explosive medium, the metal joints and conductive wires of the chemical hose must be grounded. Avoid static electricity accumulation and deflagration generated by chemical media during transportation.

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