Woodworking dust removal equipment is a special equipment for dust purification in the wood products industry. It consists of pipes, fans, filters and other parts. It can reduce the dust concentration at the operating point and improve the cleanliness of the production environment. And duct hose is one of the most important parts.

Several characteristics of woodworking duct hose

Wear resistance

During the woodworking process, dust particles cause wear to the inner wall of the hose. Therefore, the hose material has good wear resistance to extend its service life.

PU duct

Tensile strength

The hose needs to withstand a certain amount of tension during application. PU hose has high tensile strength, which can ensure the stability of the hose in complex environments.

Corrosion resistance

The air processed by woodworking dust removal equipment may contain acidic or alkaline substances. Polyurethane hoses have good corrosion resistance. Therefore it prevents gas leaks and equipment damage.

Gas permeability

The permeability of the hose directly affects the dust removal effect. PU hose has good air permeability to ensure that dust particles can pass smoothly.

PU duct


Softness is important for the bending and compression resistance of hoses. Softer materials help reduce hose loss during application.