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Pump Suction Hose

Pump Suction Hose is a general water hose which is ideal for many applications. For example, water suction. The hose is light in weight and flexible. It can work at vacuum which is ideal for suction work. The inner tube is smooth, so that there is no barrier for the water flow. Inquire the Direct Factory Price Now!

Tube and Cover: transparent PVC
Temperature: -10℃(-50℉) to 65℃(+150℉)
Size: 3/4 “to 14”
Color: clear, green, grey and so on.

PVC Suction Hose
PVC suction hose
corrugated suction hose

PVC Suction Hose

General Purpose Pvc Suction Hose that is commonly seen on pumps across many industries (not for food grade transfer). It is a non-marking, lightweight, mild abrasion and chemical resistant hose that’s easy to handle and is typically used in lighter duty applications. The clear aspect of Pvc Suction Hose permits excellent visibility, and its smooth exterior and interior allow for max flow of products. Suction hose for water pump is not recommended for transferring fuels and is also not FDA approved for potable water.

Pump Suction Hose
Suction Hose
Clear Suction Hose

Pvc Suction Hose Features:

●Economical and flexible
● Abrasion and chemical resistant
●Impact and crush resistant
●Excellent bending radius
●Constructed with rigid spiral helix reinforcement
●Smooth inner construction for unrestricted flow of materials Inquire the Direct Factory Price Now!

Pvc Suction Hose Applications:

Drainage and to transfer various powdery particles and liquids. Such suction pipe for water pump is widely used in civil and building works , agriculture, mining, construction, ship and fishery.

pvc sution hose pipe application
pvc sution hose pipe application
pvc sution hose pipe application

Light Duty

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Medium Duty

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Heavy Duty

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What is PVC suction hose?

PVC suction hose is a flexible, corrugated tubing made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is designed to be used for suction or transfer of liquids, solids, and gases.

What are the applications of PVC suction hose?

PVC suction hoses are commonly used in various industries, including agriculture, construction, mining, and wastewater treatment. They are used for transporting liquids, solids, and gases, including water, chemicals, food products, and sewage.

What are the advantages of using PVC suction hose?

PVC suction hoses are lightweight, flexible, and durable, making them easy to handle and install. They are also resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and chemical degradation, which makes them ideal for use in harsh environments.

Can PVC suction hose be used for food and beverage applications?

Yes, PVC suction hose can be used for food and beverage applications. However, it is important to ensure that the hose is rated for food contact and meets all relevant safety standards and regulations, such as FDA and NSF standards.

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