PVC fiber reinforced hose also refers to PVC braided hose and PVC fibre hose. It is a kind of clear PVC hose fibre braid. In fact, we can often see it in our daily life. Then next, let’s see the great property and general application of braided PVC tubing.

Applications of PVC fibre reinforced hose

As a great material, reinforced plastic tubing has a wide range of usages.

In agriculture, clear braided hose can serve as the irrigation hose. Because it can transfer water to the farmland. In some case, it can serve as the PVC spray hose. But the pressure should not be too high.

While in industry, PVC fibre reinforced hose is to supply water to the project site. For example, the road construction. In chemical and relevant industries, it can transfer acid and alkali. Besides, Clear reinforced hose can transfer solid medium such as powder.

pvc fibre reinforced hose

In food industry, clear braided PVC hose can transfer milk, beer, juice and others. However, the flexible PVC hose used in food process should be food grade. Because common grade PVC hose will release toxic in a high temp. Then the toxic will pollute the food and even cause serious food safe accident.

Besides above uses, PVC reinforced hose is also ideal for household use. While the most common use is that the hose can be a PVC garden water hose. In addition, it can water your lawn. In a word, it is a great decoration material.  

Great property of clear fibre hose

  1. PVC fibre reinforced hose is anti aging. Thus it has a long service life.
  2. PVC fire hose can bear acid, alkali and oil. Thus it is ideal for chemical and petrol industry
  3. Such flexible PVC hose is flexible with UV resistance. Then it is ideal for outdoor use.
  4. Compare to common PVC hose, reinforced hose can bear higher pressure.

Above are the general application and properties of PVC reinforced pipe. If you need such PVC hose or have any questions, please contact Hiteck.