In our daily life, there are many hoses such as plastic hose, rubber hose and layflat hose. As for the plastic hose, there are also many kinds. While the most common plastic hoses are PVC hose, PE hose and PP hose. However, many people can not recognize them. Because they look almost the same. Then let me introduce you these 3 plastic hoses.

PVC flexible hose 

PVC flexible hose pipe is made from PVC. It is bright in color, durable and corrosion resistant. PVC pipe hose has plasticizers and anti aging agent to enhance its property. But they are toxic. Thus PVC hoses is not suitable for food and medicine use. PVC pipe has good tensile and compressive strength. But it is not as flexible as other plastic pipes. The price is cheap among all kinds of plastic pipes. But it is brittle at low temperature.

PVC flexible hose widely serves in industry, mining and agricultural for water supply and drainage. Besides, PVC clear pipe can also supply gas and powder. In your house, you may need a PVC water pipe to supply water. While you may also need a PVC garden hose to water your flowers. But when the flood comes, you need large diameter layflat hose to discharge the water.

PVC spray hose

PE pipe

PE hose pipe is light in weight, flexible and non-toxic. Besides, it has high impact strength. In addition, the price is cheap. But the pressure resistance and tensile strength are not good. PE hose is mainly to supply water in agriculture and industry.

PP pipe

PP hose has good corrosion resistance, strength and high surface hardness. Besides, it has a smooth and bright surface. It mainly serves in heat supply system. Because it can bear higher pressure.

Above are the introduction of the 3 plastic hoses. If you need them or have any questions, please just contact Hiteck.