In our daily life, you may see a clear plastic hose. While it has a spiral steel wire inside. What is such plastic hose? In fact, it is PVC steel wire hose. Then how much do you know about the PVC steel wire hose pipe? What’s the structure of PVC reinforced hose? Next, let me show you something.

What is a PVC steel wire hose Pipe

The pvc steel wire hose is what we often call the pvc steel wire reinforced pipe. It gas a three-layer structure. The inner and outer layers are soft PVC. While and the middle layer is a steel wire reinforced structure. It can be steel wire mesh or spiral steel wire. Because the special structure, it has several names such as PVC steel wire pipe, PVC steel wire reinforced pipe and PVC steel wire spring hose. In fact, it is a reinforced PVC pipe that improves strength, twist resistance, quality, etc. While these improved properties are because of the steel wire.

pvc steel wire hose pipe

The pvc steel wire pipe adopts a new type of reinforced PVC material. Then it has much better pressure resistance and hardness. There are several production method for steel wire hose. Among them, there are high pressure hose, low pressure hose and transparent hose. While each of them is for a special use. But the PVC steel wire reinforced hose is the most popular.

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