PVC wire wire reinforced hose uses the latest PVC reinforced material. Thus it greatly improves the pressure resistance and hardness. Therefore, it can replace ordinary rubber pipe, PE pipe and some metal pipes. This hose is widely used in many industries such as chemical, national defense, etc. In a word, it has become one of the most popular hoses today. But in fact, there are many kinds of wire reinforced hoses. Then next let me introduce you.

pvc steel wire reinforced hose

Classification of PVC wire reinforced hose

PVC steel wire hoses have 5 kinds based on the use. While they are thread hose, drainage hose, shower hose, duct hose and wiring harness tubes. Thread hose is the most popular type. It has a strong structure. Thus it can resist external impact and crush. Even an adult steps on, it will not break. Besides, it can work at high temp and corrosion condition. Thus it serves as the protector to wire an cable.

Usage of steel wire hose

PVC wire hose can deliver gas, liquid and abrasive materials. Besides, it can bear both positive and negative pressure. Because of the great properties, reinforced PVC hose widely serves in industry, agriculture, mining, etc. Besides industrial use, PVC steel wire hose pipe is also ideal for food use. But it should adopt food grade raw material. For food use, it can deliver beer, milk, juice and many other beverages.

pvc steel wire hose pipe

At this point, I believe you already knows about the types of PVC steel wire hoses. No matter which type it is, it ha high elasticity, high temp and corrosion resistance. Besides, it is flexible with a long service life.

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