Reinforced hose process is easy and cheap. So most of the market is enhanced. Reinforced metal hose has good cutting property. For the production of thin-wall material, such as high-precision parts for bearings, more knives cannot weld. The main material of the reinforced hose is has a hardness between 20 and 150N (n is the wear proof diameter). The knives can remove larger material. Thus it has good cutting property. During auto process, cutting tools are often straight.

The process flow of auto process hose

First, the metal hose tool directly applies proper pressure to the material. So that the material slides out of the tool due to the pressure. Then use a rough drill to punch out the thick section, which is good for repeat grind. The EDM clamps the hose with the thin wall seat that it passes through.

Place the EDM in front of the hose and apply up and down pressure to the hose. Then move the EDM pressure and transfer the spark between the hoses. If the spark hits the edge of a thin wall ball seat, strike the spark over the same thickness of the hose. While if you hit the entire outer surface of the hose, you hit both ranges. When spark, take care to make sure that the hose is slightly thicker than the hard tube being made. So that the hose is vertical to the direction of the spark when making the hard tube.