Lay flat hose is one of the most common material in our daily life. It widely serves in farm, factory, building and many other places. However, we need to use the layflat hose correctly. Then it can have a longer service life.

How to use lay flat hose correctly

A lay flat hose is affected by its internal pressure and temp. Thus cut the hose to the required length before use. When filling with water, slowly open the valve. While this can prevent the water discharge hose from damage. Because sudden expanded pressure may cause lay flat pipe burst. During use, choose the proper flat discharge hose based on actual use and condition. If it is to transport powder and granule, try to enlarge the bending radius. Because if the bend radius is too small, the powder and granule will wear the hose. Then it may break the hose.

When the hose matches with a metal joint, do not use it in a bent state. The thickness of a PVC layflat water hose must be above 1.5mm. While the pressure must be above 0.6mpa. Besides, the surface should be smooth and flat.

PVC lay flat hose

How to select a high quality lay flat hose

Good quality raw materials determine the wear resistance and lifespan of the hose. The temp difference between day and night in spring is relatively large. Therefore, you must check whether the water hose has antifreeze. Besides, make sure it can work at cold weather, etc. In general, the hose is soft and flexible. But if the hose becomes hard, it is likely to be a defective product. While if you continue use it, the flat irrigation hose may burst.

Above are some methods to use a layflat hose correctly. If you want to learn more about that, welcome to consult Hiteck. We will offer you the best solution.