To select a suitable rubber hose for a special use, you have to follow basic points as follow. 


To make sure the working pressure or suction pressure, it is better to consider the sudden pressure change. Because if the pressure exceeds the critical value, it will damage the normal service life of the hose. What’s more, it may cause the rubber hose pipe burst.

Compatibility with the medium

It makes sure the identity, name, temp and state (liquid, solid, gaseous) of the medium. When convey solids, it is to know the particle size, density, quantity. Besides, you should make sure the features, flow rate and flow volume.

Know the place of use, ambient temp and exposure status. Such as UV rays, ozone, sea water and other active elements can cause the rubber hose degrade. Thus you have to take some measures to keep your rubber tube away from these.

Chemical Rubber Hose

Stress make sure the bend radius. It also concerns with traction, torsion, bend, vibration and load.

Outer layer wear Even if the pipe has good wear resistance. But vibration, corrosion or drag will cause damage to the rubber pipe. Thus you have to carry out better protection for the rubber hoses.

Working position

Know if you have to ground or suspend the flexible hose.

Choose based these aspects:

Joints and flanges: type, size, thread type, reference standard and type of use

Joint core: inner diameter, outer diameter and length

Sockets/crimps: type and size.