Rubber hose has the similar temp range with thermoplastic hose. Besides, it is is crush resistant. Thus it will not cause permanent damage. In addition, you don’t need special equipment to assemble it. What’s more, flexible industrial hose can be made into large sizes like 6’’ and 10’’. Thus it can transfer fluids with a much higher efficiency.

However, rubber hose is just for low pressure use. Besides, it is easy to get corrosion. But you don’t have to worry about this. Because with the development of rubber tech, many kinds of synthetic rubbers appears. Nitrile rubber has excellent oil resistance, Thus it always serves as oil hose and fuel hose. EPDM is a great rubber which has excellent temp and aging resistant. Thus it is the best choice to produce high pressure steam hose.

Flexible industrial hose inner wall structure

Before finally selecting the inner tube material of industrial hoses, know the structure of the inner tube wall. While you need to determine if the inner tube wall is smooth or corrugated. So that the inner tube can bend like a flexible straw. Your work’s pressure, flow and discharge capacity needs can guide your decision.

flexible industrial hose

Smooth inner tube

Smooth inner tube brings a high fluid transfer efficiency. Because there is almost no resistance to the fluid. All the flexible industrial hoses can be made into smooth inner tube.

Corrugated hose

Compares to smooth hose, this kind of rubber hose has better bend ability. Thus it is ideal for narrow space. Then we can say it is more flexible.

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