Due to the variety of hydraulic hose connectors, it is very important for hydraulic hose connectors to maintain the pressure and sealing of the hydraulic system, which is mainly achieved through the contact surface of the connector. There are currently four main forms:

Taper thread seal

After the internal and external threads are connected, the seal is formed by the mutual extrusion between their tooth profiles.

Soft seal

The external thread is equipped with an O-ring, which is squeezed on the mating surface of the internal thread by gas to form a seal. Commonly used in high-pressure systems. Typical connectors include ORFS.

stainless steel hydraulic pipe fittings

Metal seal

The sealing contact surfaces at a certain angle are squeezed and deformed to achieve sealing.

Metal seal with O-ring

This sealing form is a combination of the first two types of seals. The metal bevels squeeze each other to seal. In addition, the O-ring is deformed to form a seal. This sealing form is particularly suitable for high-pressure hydraulic systems. Typical connectors include DKOL and OKOS.