In the former pieces I showed you the types, advantages and general usages of large size hose. Then this time, let me show you the methods to purchase and use it.

large diameter layflat hose

How to choose suitable large diameter hoses

If you need to purchase large diameter hose, you need to choose the proper one based to specific needs and working condition. For the corrosive substances, you need the anti corrosion hoses. While for high temp use, the hoses with good high temp resistance is necessary. At the same time, it is also necessary to select steel wire reinforced rubber pipes. So that they are safer and more reliable to use.

Such heavy duty rubber hose is durable and reliable in general. But that not means you can use it at willing. Instead, you should use it correctly and maintain it regularly.

Food grade hose

When using large diameter hoses, you need to focus on these:

First, large diameter hoses must undergo sealing performance test to ensure that they will not leak water or air during use.

Second, during the use of rubber hoses, never bending or squeezing them in a long time. Because those will cause deformation and damage to the rubber hose.

Last, during the use, take care to prevent the hose from being rolled over and damaged to ensure its safe and reliable use.