Chemical hose is made from special rubber with an UHMWPE lining. It is ideal for acid, alkali, solvent and many other mediums. But you should use it correctly and maintain it carefully. Because once there was any problem like leak, it may cause serious safety affair.

Some tips to maintain your hose

1. When using a such hose, your hose must matches the medium. Otherwise it will damage the hose. Then it cause leakage or even failure.

  • After using the hose, clean the hose entirely. While there should not be any medium reserves inside it. While you should choose the proper clean method like clear water or solvent.
  • After clean, dry it up and store it in a cool and dry place. Besides, you should store it within the bend radius limit. Otherwise it will damage the hose.

4. Before storage, use protective covers at both ends of the hose. While this is to keep the inside of the hose clean.

5. When laying chemical hoses, clean the ground to avoid the injury by sharp objects.

6. Avoid cross-use of the hoses when transfer various media to avoid accidents.

7. When deliver flammable things, there should be wire ground. Because this can conduct the static and avoid the fire problem.