In the last piece, we learned how to clean a cleaner hose. While this time, let me show you some tips to use a cleaner better.

You may have this kind of confusion that when you use a vacuum cleaner, it often suck some small objects into the cleaner. While if the small objects accumulate inside the cleaner hose, they will cause block. For such problem, the solution is simple. In fact, you can put thin stocks on the top of the vacuum cleaner hose. Then tie the top of the vacuum cleaner hose tightly with a rubber band. In this way, when you use the vacuum cleaner, you can prevent the vacuum cleaner hose from sucking small objects.

vacuum cleaner hose

In another hand, using such tips can help you clean the dust on small objects in our daily life. While cleaning the dust on small objects, it will not suck the small objects into the vacuum cleaner hose. Then it can prevent the small objects from being damaged.

During the use, you probably hates the odor emitted by the vacuum cleaner. In order to reduce the odor, you can soak some lemon juice with a damp cloth and put it in the dirt bucket before using it. This will not only prevent the vacuum cleaner from producing odor, but also fill the room with a fresh fragrance.