Stainless steel joint is a common connecting element which widely serves in pipe and fitting systems. It has good sealing performance and corrosion resistance. Thus it is suitable for many harsh works. Then next, let me introduce you such great fitting.

Features of stainless steel joint

The stainless steel connector mainly consists of two parts, the joint and the ferrule. Joint is usually stainless steel, which has good hardness and strength. Ferrule is also stainless steel to provide extra support and stability.

stainless steel joint

The main feature of steel fittings is the way they are installed. During that, the joints and sleeves are placed on both ends of the pipe. Then it secures them tightly together by pressure. This process is very simple and does not require any tools. Thus you can install and unload it easily.

Advantages of high pressure coupling

First, it has excellent sealing performance. Because it does not require any sealant or glue as a filler. Thus it can prevent liquid or gas leakage. In addition, steel fitting also have very high corrosion resistance. Then it can resist the erosion of many chemicals and extend its service life.

rubber hose fitting

Second, it is very convenient to the install the joint. Because it doesn’t require any special tools, only need simple pressure. Thus you can install and unload it in a short time. It’s really important, especially in some urgent cases. Because it can reduce the downtime and the loss.