1. Check if the lumen of the PVC wire reinforced hose is regular. Then check whether the wall thickness is uniform. The inner cavity and outer edge of a good quality steel wire reinforced PVC hose are in a regular circle or ring shape. While the thickness of the pipe wall is even.

2. Check if there are air bubbles and impurities on the pipe wall of the PVC wire hose. The pipe wall of a good clear plastic hose is transparent without any bubbles or impurities, and there will be air bubbles or impurities in poor quality hose. If the color of the PVC steel wire hose turns yellow, it means that its quality is also problematic. While that means the production, transfer and storage are poor.

3. Smell whether the flexible plastic pipe has a pungent smell. A good PVC steel coil reinforced hose has no irritating smell except a little plastic smell. While a poor hose PVC steel coil reinforced has an unpleasant pungent smell.

4. Check whether the PVC steel wire hose feels good. The inner and outer pipe walls of good quality are smooth and feel good, while the poor quality hose is rough.

5. When measuring the wall thickness of the clear reinforced hose, select the middle tube as the sample. So as to ensure accurate wall thickness measurement.

steel wire reinforced PVC hose

Test the steel wire reinforced PVC hose

6. The PVC spiral hose has the features of high strength and good flexibility. The strength and toughness of the steel wire can be detected by repeatedly folding the steel wire to judge the quality of the flexible clear pipe. The steel wire of a good-quality PVC steel wire hose is not easy to break, but the steel wire of a poor-quality PVC hose will break after being folded a few times.

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