In our daily life, we may see many rubber hoses with steel wires inside. Then what is a steel wire rubber hose? Let me introduce you the such industrial hose.

The rubber steel wire hose consists of an inner rubber layer, a steel wire reinforce layer and an outer rubber layer. Steel wire hoses have many types as follow.

Rubber water hose

Industrial water hose is for general water use in -20°C-60°C.

Steel wire rubber air hose

It is a high pressure air hose. While the reinforced air hose is suitable for compressed air and inert gas.

Oil resistant hose

Flexible oil hose is to deliver oil products like petroleum and fuel. While it can also act as rubber fuel pipe and lubricant hose.

High temperature resistant hose

The typical high temperature hose is EPDM steam hose. While the high temp rubber hose can deliver 200℃ steam and hot water.

steel wire rubber hose

Acid resistant hose

Such acid resistant flexible hose refers to chemical hose. It can transfer 80% of the acid, alkali and solvent.

Sand blasting hose

Sand blast hose is the same with shot blast hose. While it is to spray shot and other abrasives to clean the metal surface and remove the rust.

sandblaster hose

Precautions for the use of steel wire rubber hose

1. Use the steel wire hose within the proper temp as the hose supplier suggest. Because this can avoid the aging problem caused by high temp.

2. It is also necessary to choose right rubber hose fittings. While during the assembly process, confirm the size of the wire reinforced rubber hose Besides, properly treat the rubber tube pipe in a needed shape.

3. Confirm the stability of the hose fitting and hose assembly. Besides, check them regularly.

4. After use, store the wire braided rubber hose pipe in a dry place. Besides, there should be good ventilation and less light.