PVC pressure washer hose is a common hose for both home and light industry use. Then next let’s see why it is popular.


PVC pressure washer hose is more affordable than other types of hoses. For example, rubber hose.

Light in weight

PVC hose is light in weight. Thus it is easy to use . This can reduce fatigue and make the job more simple.


PVC hose is flexible, thus you can bend it and use it in narrow spaces. While this also makes it ideal for various work conditions.

Easy to maintain

PVC hose is easy to clean and maintain. Besides, it resists most chemicals in pressure washing. Thus it is durable and long-lasting.

Corrosion proof

PVC hose can resist corrosion. Thus it’s better for water and other chemicals.

UV Resistant

Many PVC pressure washer hoses can resist UV. Thus it is suitable for outdoor use.


If a washer hose worn out, you can change a new one with low cost.

We can see PVC washer hose has so many advantages. But when you need this hose, you should focus on some factors. Those include size, pressure range and temp range. Only the hose meets the demand you can do the wash work smoothly.