Silicone hose is popular in any industries with its great properties. In nowadays, it has become the necessary material in food, medicine many other fields. While in this piece, I will introduce you the application of flexible silicone hose in cosmetics industry.

silicone vacuum line

Cosmetic packaging

Silicone hoses are widely used in the packaging of cosmetics. Such as lotion, facial cream, facial cleanser, lipstick, eye cream, etc. Silicone hoses have good chemical resistance and will not react adversely with cosmetics. Besides, it can effectively protect the ingredients of cosmetics from environmental pollution and effects of oxygen, light, moisture, etc.

Cosmetic formulation development

Silicone hoses can be used as test tubes for cosmetic formula development for R&D personnel to prepare and test samples. Silicone hose has excellent physical properties. This ensures the stability and safety of the formula during storage and use.

silicone reinforced hose

Cosmetics production process

Silicone hoses play a key role in the cosmetics production process. Silicone hoses enable efficient storage, supply and distribution of liquid cosmetics. At the same time, the production process is ensured to be efficient, precise and hygienic.

Overall, silicone hoses are versatile, efficient and eco-friendly in the cosmetics industry. It can meet the needs of the cosmetics industry in terms of packaging, formula R&D and production technology.