Acetylene is a colorless, flammable organic compound. It mainly serves in the industry, especially in metal welding. Acetylene can decompose into carbon and hydrogen at high temperature. Then people can use them to prepare acetylene carbon black. At the same time, acetylene is also ideal for lighting, welding and cutting metals. It is the basic raw material for making acetaldehyde, acetic acid, benzene, synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers, etc. Under certain conditions, acetylene can also polymerize to produce aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene and toluene. Through substitution reactions and addition reactions, it can generate a series of valuable products are.

oxy acetylene hose

Acetylene can be transported mainly in two ways: gaseous and liquid. Gaseous transportation is to compress acetylene into gas and transport it directly. While liquid transportation is to cool acetylene below the freezing point and convert it into liquid transportation. Liquid transportation has low cost and high safety. However, in actual applications, gaseous transportation is dominant. Acetylene is gaseous at room temperature and pressure. Due to its flammable and explosive properties, storage, transportation and use must strictly follow safety regulations.

Importance of acetylene delivery hose

Acetylene delivery hose is a key component connecting acetylene cylinders and welding equipment. Its main function is to safely and stably deliver acetylene gas from the cylinder to the welding equipment. In practical applications, the quality of acetylene hose is directly related to the stability of acetylene gas supply, welding quality and personal safety of workers.

oxygen and acetylene hose

When the acetylene leaks, it will combine with the air. Once there was any spark or open fire, it will cause violent explosion. The acetylene is used together with oxygen. Thus the explosion will break the oxygen tank and cause oxygen leakage. While oxygen is a combustion improver. Then it will cause the explosion more serious.

As an important part to transport acetylene, the acetylene hose plays an important role. It not only ensure the smooth deliver of acetylene, but also guarantee the safety of the project.